1. Maximize profits with pricing strategies that cater to different customer segments.
  2. Identify and assess the potential of a new market, develop pricing strategies, and gain insights into customer needs and wants.
  3. Understand the market landscape and potential risks with marketing frameworks, perform market segmentation and choose best pricing strategy.
  4. Prioritize your new product ideas based on their profitability and risk, and make informed decisions about market entry, thus minimizing the associated risks.
  5. Identify potential threats to a business and develop strategies to address them
  6. Develop compelling value propositions that address customer needs. A strong value proposition can differentiate a brand, attract customers, and drive conversions!
PRICING STRATEGY modelling features in MarketFlowz:
  • Compiling lists of price factors (usage outcome factors, reliability factors, additional quality factors, operating cost factors, product launch costs).
  • Deep analysis of price effects (reference price effect, comparison difficulty effect, switching cost effect, price-quality effect and other effects).
  • Price tuning on all effects.
  • Drawing up a pricing formula and price strategy selection.
  • Formation of segmentation facets and price metrics.
  • Preparation of price lists.
  • Full report on the formed pricing strategy.
MarketFlowz - market opportunity analysis software can help minimize risks when launching a new product to the market by providing a structured approach to researching and evaluating market opportunities, potential risks, and competition.
1. MarketFlowz facilitates the analysis of new market opportunities using the most popular tools (Porter's five forces analysis, SWOT, PESTLE, Lean canvas).
2. Simplifies the process of drawing up scenarios for the use of future products by potential consumers.
3. Helps segment consumers for future products using segmentation facets and metrics.
4. Segments consumers for future products using segmentation facets and metrics.
5. Accelerates the development of pricing strategies and price lists.
6. Allows to analyze competitors and competing sales channels.
7.Generates reports and output files for presentation to management or investors.