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MarketFlowz - marketing opportunity analysis software can help minimize risks when launching a new product to the market by providing a structured approach to researching and evaluating market opportunities, potential risks, and competition.
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MartketFlowz helps:

  • Set clear goals, stay on track, monitor progress, and make necessary adjustments in your business!
  • Develop compelling value propositions that address customer needs. A strong value proposition can differentiate a brand, attract customers, and drive conversions!
  • Acquire First Users: create strategy for winning over the first users for a product or service.
  • Identify and assess the potential of a new market, develop marketing strategies, and gain insights into customer needs and wants.
  • Understand the market landscape and potential risks with SWOT analysis, Porter's five forces analysis, PESTEL analysis, and market segmentation.
  • Prioritize your new product ideas based on their profitability and risk, and make informed decisions about market entry, thus minimizing the associated risks.
  • Identify potential threats to a business and develop strategies to address them


  • MarketFlowz facilitates the analysis of new market opportunities using the most popular tools (Porter's five forces analysis, SWOT, PESTLE, Lean canvas).
  • Simplifies the process of drawing up scenarios for the use of future products by potential consumers.
  • Helps segment consumers for future products using segmentation facets and metrics.Segments consumers for future products using segmentation facets and metrics.
  • Accelerates the development of pricing strategies and price lists.
  • Allows to analyze competitors and competing sales channels.
  • Generates reports and output files for presentation to management or investors.
Pricing overview
Variety of plans for different types of users:
  • 3/6/12 months plans
  • 1/3/10/20 user accounts
  • plans start just from $38 per 1 month/user (when bying 1 year plan)
  • the more user accounts and the period of use, the more profitable the plan per user.

Launch new products, simplifiy and optimize the marketing process with MarketFlowz

The MarketFlowz software simplifies and optimizes the marketing process, making it easier for teams to plan, execute, and track their marketing strategies and campaigns. By automating tasks, providing templates, and simplifying processes, marketing planning software saves time, allowing your team to focus on creativity and strategy. These tools help in centralizing marketing efforts, making it easier to keep track of campaigns, content, and assets. Marketing planning software also facilitates collaboration among team members, especially valuable for remote teams or employees in different locations. Additionally, marketing planning software provides analytics and reporting features that allow for informed decisions and strategy adjustments. Finally, marketing planning software can assist in defining clear, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals, which are essential for effective marketing strategies. Overall, the main benefit of marketing planning software is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns, leading to better results and ROI for businesses.

Market opportunities analysis

Have an idea for a new product? Congratulations, you have spotted a marketing opportunity. But there is a long way from the idea to the finished product. Perform marketing opportunity analysis to create new products using the most popular frameworks. Analysis allows you to discard unpromising opportunities and focus on the most potentially profitable ones.

Product management

To successfully create a product for a marketing opportunity, it is necessary to consider various use cases for the potential product. It is also worth assessing consumer segments, the requirements of potential buyers, and the formation of suitable positioning.

Pricing strategies

Nothing affects the profit and success of a product more than price. Before launching a new product, it is necessary to determine all price factors and evaluate the impact of various price effects. On the way to the final price list, you will need to select price metrics, a pricing strategy, segmentation facets, and a pricing formula.

Competitior analysis

When analyzing the competitive environment, competitive distribution channels, competing companies and their products are considered equally. In relation to competing companies, various aspects of their business are assessed (management, strengths/weaknesses, relationships with consumers, etc.). As part of the analysis of competing products, a list of comparison factors should be compiled and an assessment performed. This allows you to highlight the unique values of the created products in relation to competitors.

Distribution channels management

Forming product distribution channels and choosing the most suitable partners is the key to business success. It is necessary to determine a product distribution strategy and formulate criteria for selecting partners suitable within the chosen strategy. It is also worth considering a system for motivating partners.

Preparation of advertising campaigns

Launching an advertising campaign is a very important stage. Proper use of the advertising budget can help a product achieve success in the market as quickly as possible. To launch an online campaign, you will need to prepare materials for copywriters, identify target audiences (correlated with consumer segments), prepare landing pages and schedule posts for blogs and news.

MarketFlowz advantages and additional benefits

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from homeowners to commercial developers.

Market opportunities analysis

  • A tool for recording ideas for new products.
  • Analysis of financial criteria for selecting marketing opportunities.
  • Market position selection.
  • Porter's five forces analysis framework.
  • SWOT analysis for market opportunities.
  • Business model canvas framework.
  • PESTLE factors analysis framework.
  • Lean canvas framework (the result can be demonstrated to investors).
  • Full report on marketing opportunity analysis.
  • Detailed tips and examples for all sections.
Market opportunity analysis tool
SWOT analysis framework
Business model canvas data editing
Market opportunity analysis
Porter's 5 forces analysis framework
Trademark management
Market opportunity data editing
Business model canvas
PESTLE framework
Report on marketing opportunity analysis
Lean canvas data edit
Defining customer segments
Assessment pf promotion strategy
Editing scenarios for using products
Example of product usage scenario

Product management

  • Drawing up scenarios for using products (а day in the life "before" using the product, а day in the life "after" applying a new product).
  • Framework for launching products in new markets.
  • Positioning selection.
  • Total consumer requirements analysis.
  • Segment type and size estimation.
  • Determining the components of a holistic product (generic product, expected product, advanced product, potential product).
  • Preliminary assessment of promotion strategy.

Pricing strategies

  • Compiling lists of price factors (usage outcome factors, reliability factors, additional quality factors, operating cost factors, product launch costs).
  • Deep analysis of price effects (reference price effect, comparison difficulty effect, switching cost effect, price-quality effect and other effects).
  • Price tuning on all effects.
  • Drawing up a pricing formula and price strategy selection.
  • Formation of segmentation facets and price metrics.
  • Preparation of price lists.
  • Full report on the formed pricing strategy.
Price tunning process
Price strategy selection and price list compilation process
Price factors analysis
Comparison with competitors
Analysis of competitive distribution channels

Competitor analysis

  • Different types of competitors can be considered (straight, indirect).
  • Analysis of competitor's management and business approaches.
  • Direct comparison with competing products using factor (yielding/superior) comparison.
  • Differential value calculation.

Distribution channels

  • Channel route selection.
  • Formation of a distribution strategy.
  • Distributor selection criteria list (including sales and marketing).
  • Motivational system of offers for a dealer/distributor.
  • Prepating a business policy statement.
Distributor selection criteria editing
Motivational system editing
Ideas for blogs
Preparing advertising campaigns
Preparing copywriting materials

Advertising campaigns preparation

  • Preparation of copywriting materials covering all aspects of the creation and use of the product ("product interview").
  • Unique selling proposition preparation.
  • Designing landing pages based on metrics.
  • Designing blog posts based on various ideas.

Reduce risk with strategic marketing planning software

Marketing opportunity analysis software is desirable to use in various cases, including when a business wants to assess the potential of a new market, identify and evaluate new business opportunities, develop marketing strategies, and gain insights into customer needs and preferences. It can also help businesses to prioritize their new product ideas based on their profitability and risk, and make informed decisions about market entry. Additionally, marketing opportunity analysis software can assist in identifying potential threats to a business and developing strategies to address them. It is beneficial for businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and across different industries, including B2C, B2B, government, and nonprofit. By conducting a thorough market opportunity analysis using marketing opportunity analysis software, businesses can avoid making costly mistakes by entering markets that are not viable or failing to take advantage of markets with high potential.


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The economic value of strategic marketing planning software lies in its ability to enhance data-driven decision-making, improve organization, streamline workflows, foster better collaboration, and enable enhanced data analysis. Additionally, strategic marketing planning software provides a proactive approach, establishes a clear direction for the organization, increases operational efficiency, and contributes to increased market share and profitability. By centralizing marketing efforts, reducing the risk of important tasks being overlooked, and providing real-time updates, this software can lead to improved productivity and a more cohesive company culture. Overall, strategic marketing planning software is essential for organizations as it ensures that marketing efforts are aligned with overall business objectives, helps in identifying and capitalizing on market opportunities, and streamlines resource allocation, ultimately leading to better results.

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